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Our Services

We are a customer-centric company, with an excellent service delivery mindset, determined to carry out what we do with a sense of urgency and purpose


Space is our medium for design; therefore, taking accurate dimensions are vital to our team which majors on expertise of an Architect.


The Design Team at Interior Woodwork is incredibly diverse. Our interior designers are able to complete any task given, to our client's elation.

Fast Delivery

At IWL, delivery is much more than just a service, it is an extension of our customer care-, a medium in which we go the extra mile to ensure furniture gets to you on time.


Our team is a symbiotic relationship of Architects, Technicians and handy men. We aim to bring joy into the given space from assembling to every level of design detail.

Interior woodwork limited

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Our Areas of Expertise


Concept Development

We design, develop, manufacture and sell furniture solution in our listed areas of focus. Our custom designs make it easy for our customers to express their unique sense with a variety of option.


Furniture Manufacturing

Over the years, we've maintained a corporate policy which makes our products stand the test of time and are compatible with varying climatic conditions. Durability is also another crucial value we deliver to our clients. We have set functional system to ensure the maintenance of such standard in our production cycle. We have highly trained, productive team and use ultra-modern equipment to ensure all our products meet international leading standard and are of great quality. Our products include,

Office Furniture/Executive Office Furniture: Office Workstations, Storages, Wall Partitions, Doors etc.

Home/Hospitality: General and Outdoor Furniture such as, Living Room Furniture, Bedroom Furniture, Kitchen Furniture and Private Bar Furniture, etc.

Interior Woodwork Limited manufacturing operations are divided into the following sections.

Upholstery: This forms the bedrock of all soft furnishings such as Lounges, Ottomans, Cushions, Sofas, Armchairs and Puffs. We have a wide range of fabric designs to help our customers create a completely unique textile furnishing. Our quality leather materials also come in a range of patterns suitable for any great African or Western upholstery finishing.

Panel Processing: Our wide variety of beautiful MFC laminates are cut, drilled and assembled using our cutting-edge modern equipment to produce the unique enhancing our clients love.

Hardwood Processing: We take pride in our innovative use of wood veneers, which give unique look to our custom-made furniture; hence, the need for a structured section like this to cater for the specific demands of our clients

Spray and Polishing: We use paints, lacquers, stains and chemicals from reputable and confirmed sources for the vital aspect of our production. The enduring finishing of our furniture is a result of the smooth spraying complemented by the even texture of our well-dried and polished woods.


Product Installation

We take delivery and installation of our client's orders as top priority. The expected date of delivery is mutually agreed for a convenient time of delivery of the items. The items are specially packaged and carefully installed on delivery. Interior Woodwork Limited offers the highest quality of furniture available. The Company has the intention to become one of the premier furniture manufacturers in Nigeria, and global. We use the finest material and employ skilled and creative craftsmen to create high quality furniture. Our products reflect our philosophy of quality and attention to detail, and our unique designs are explicitly tailored towards customer specification. The Company has competence for production and installation of variety of wood furniture, fittings and decorations. The Company however specializes in the manufacture of joinery, furniture, and fittings which include - doors, door frames, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, rails, balustrades, laminate flooring, partitioning, home and office furniture. With the improved mechanization, there would be further diversification of products.