Our Services

Our Services

We are a customer-centric company, with an excellent service delivery mindset determined to carry out what we do with a sense of urgency and purpose

Fast Delivery

At IWL, delivery is much more than just a service, it is an extension of our customer care-, a medium in which we go the extra mile to ensure furniture gets to you on time.


Our team is a symbiotic relationship of Architects, Technicians and handy men. We aim to bring joy into the given space from assembling to every level of design detail.


Space is our medium for design; therefore, taking accurate dimensions are vital to our team which majors on expertise of an Architect.


The Design Team at Interior Woodwork is incredibly diverse. Our interior designers are able to complete any task given, to our client's elation.

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Kitchens have grown to represent more than the cook centre of the home. it is now an entertainment centre, a comfort zone, a place where families meet to have fun and where dreams not just meals are made.



This is where stories are shared, friends and guest entertained and also, where we present ourself. At IWL, there's a furniture to meet your elation for every sigle one of those functions



Five men can shift a car together, but one man in a crane can stack five cars on tope of each other. Our office furnitures are machines, designed to make every office work easier and relatively stress free.



Reap the reward of a fantastic kitchen in comfort and in style, share a meal with family, friends and guest in comfort and in style, We are comfort, we are style, dinings at Interior Woodwork Limited



Opening doors never felt so good!. at IWL we make intaractions with your doors much more fun



At Interior Woodwork Limited we help you display your clothes, shoes and belongings in style.



The beginning and the end of everyday life. with our viriety of beds; STORAGE, OTTOMAN, DIVAN AND BUNK BEDS, the team at IWL can guarantee you an extra-ordinary life, everyday.